McIver Division

McIver Clinic: Downtown
710 Lomax Street
Jacksonville, FL 32204
904-355-6583 (Phone)  904-355-4922 (Fax)

McIver Clinic: Office Based Surgery Center

6816 SouthPoint Parkway Bldg 100 Suite 102
Jacksonville, FL 32216
904-355-6583 (Phone)  904-355-4922 (Fax)

McIver Clinic: University
3627 University Blvd. S. Suite 605
Jacksonville, FL 32216
904-355-6583 (Phone)  904-355-4922 (Fax)

McIver Clinic: South
14540 St. Augustine Road Suite 2401
Jacksonville, FL 32258
904-355-6583 (Phone)  904-355-4922 (Fax)

Catherine Bailey, PA
Trasse Bradley, PA
Charles Cobb, MD
Clinton Collins, MD
Alberto Duboy, MD
Julia Han, MD
Kyle Hollingsworth, PA
Charles Homra, MD
Richard Lewis, MD
Matthew Nielsen, MD
Apoorva Vashi, MD
Charles Pruden, MD
Patricia Roxas, NP
Sagar Shah, MD
Douglas Swartz, MD
Christopher Shawn West, MD
John Williams, MD

Radiation Oncology Division

SouthPoint Cancer Center
7017 A C Skinner Parkway, Jacksonville, FL 32256
904-520-6800 (Phone)  904-520-6801 (Fax)

Jamie Cesaretti, MD
Mitchell Terk, MD
Bayli Beach, PA

Kasraeian Division

Kasraeian Urology- Beaches
1577 Roberts Drive Suite 329
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
904-901-9902 (Phone) 904-727-7955 (Fax)

Kasraeian Urology-Beach Blvd
6269 Beach Blvd. Suite 2
Jacksonville, FL 32216
904-901-7467 (Phone) 904-727-7955 (Fax)

Kasraeian Urology- Northside
15255 Max Leggett Parkway Suite 6900
Jacksonville, FL 32218
904-901-9586 (Phone) 904-727-7955 (Fax)

Heather Albertson, PA
Joseph “Tony” Altamirando, PA
Ahmad Kasraeian, MD
Ali Kasraeian, MD

Urology Associates Division

Urology Associates of North East FL
1715 Village Way, Orange Park, FL 32073
904-264-8418 (Phone) 904-264-9692 (Fax)

Urology Associates of North East FL- Clay
1658 St. Vincent's Way Suite 220
Middleburg, FL 32068
904-291-4495 (Phone)   904-264-9692 (Fax)

David Bargnesi, MD
Marc Blasser, MD
Christopher Moore, MD

Yavari Division

Dr. Morteza Yavari
3550 University Blvd S. #202
Jacksonville, FL 32216
904-730-2553 (Phone)  904-730-2554 (Fax)

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